Narrative Corpus

The Narrative Corpus of Japanese Elders "JELiCo (Japanese Elder’s Language Index Corpus)"

    This is an original corpus of the elders whose mother tongue is Japanese. The corpus is for studying the language used by Japanese elders. We offer their written texts and the transcripts of the speech, as well as their original voices. We also offer their HDS-R (Hasegawa Dementia Scale-revised: Japanese original dementia scale) scores along the data when requested.
    Description: The basic corpus contains 3 data: 1) voice recording (mp3; avg.90 sec. each), 2) transcript of the voice recording (text; avg. 420 characters each), 3) written texts (txt; avg. 500 characters each) The data is of 30 elders above 70 (avg. 78 years, incl. 8 MCI elders).
    Creator Japanese Elder's Corpus Sharing Council
    Price handling charge + shipping
    Language Japanese
    Format mp3, UTF-8
    For purchasing the corpus, please fill in 'the application and the oath for use form,' which will be sent to you when you send us the notice to our council office at: mednlp office [Office of the Japanese Elder's Corpus Sharing Council]. We will be returning to you through e-mail, or we can send it to you with CD-R at cost (and shipping). The invoice is issued when needed, and if you need the billing destinations or any other information to be written on the invoice, please let us know when you send the application. If you would like to use it for non-academic purposes, please contact us at the above e-mail address for further information.