Description of symposium: Aim

How can we quantify our health?  How can our health data be integrated into the personal medicine, improve wellness, and contribute to scientific discovery? These are the significant questions to improve our daily life. To tackle this issue, our symposium aims at improving personal wellness by integrating two approaches. The first approach focuses on the recent new self-tracking technologies for monitoring personal health conditions such as sleep, diet, excise, vital data, and for analyzing the personal medical data and personal genome data. The second approach, on the other hand, focuses on the collective intelligence as the potential resources to find useful knowledge for personal wellness from knowledge from others. To tackle the above significant issues, our symposium focuses on AI techniques as the potential approach to give us new possibilities for creating new values in our future personal wellness. This symposium will bring together an interdisciplinary group of researchers to discuss possible solutions for personal wellness.


The following topics are scope of our interests, but not limited to;

  1. Self-tracking for Personal Wellness
    • Sleep monitoring
    • Diet monitoring
    • Vital data monitoring
    • Personal medicine
    • Personal genome
  2. Collective Intelligence for Personal Wellness
    • Data mining for scientific discovery on collective data
    • Biomedical informatics and systems biology
    • Data visualization
  3. Field Study for Personal Wellness
    • Life log analyses
    • Lifestyle related disease improvement experiment
    • Sleep improvement experiment
  4. Application for Personal Wellness
    • Life log applications
    • Wellness service application
    • Medical recommendation system
    • Care support system for aged person
    • Web service for personal wellness
  5. Community Platform for Personal Wellness
    • Citizen science platform
    • DIY (Do It Yourself) trials
    • Quantified Self business model

Format of symposium

The symposium is organized by the invited talks, presentations, and posters and interactive demos.

Submission requirements

Interested participants should submit either full papers (6 pages maximum) or extended abstracts (2 pages maximum). The electronic version of your paper should be send to by October 7th, 2011.


Takashi Kido (Ph.D, Computer Science)
Toppan Buioding Higashikan 3F
Taito-Ku, Taito, 1-5-1, Tokyo, 110-8560, Japan
TEL: +81-3-3839-8043
FAX: +81-3-3835-7154

Symposium Organizing Committee: Co-chairs

Important Dates

  • Submission Deadline            October 7th 2011 October 17th 2011Deadline Extended!
  • Author Notification            November 4th 2011
  • Camera-ready Papers            January 20th 2012
  • Registration deadline            February 10th 2012
  • Symposium            March 26th-28th 2012

Symposium URL

The detail information will be available to participants.